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My name is Alessandro Pasqual, I live and work in Verona ( you may know the place from the Netflix film “Love in the Villa” )

If you are here, you’re looking for a property to buy in Italy. Well, I can help!

Buying a house in Italy is a dream for many foreigners, but it could be a nightmare if you don’t know how to do it!

Real estate agent in Verona, Italy

Here’s where I step in!! 😊let me introduce myself:

I’m in the real estate business since I was 19, for 10 years I’ve worked in a big real estate company, and in 2019, I’ve started my own agency.

Soon as NAR ( national association of realtors ) came here in Italy -2020- , I attended their courses and became a Realtor.

I’ve sold some properties to American people here in Verona, city in the North - est of Italy ( between Milan and Venice ) and I did some US friend during the years.

Last, but not least, I had the opportunity to participate on two episodes of the American TV show “House Hunters International “ here in my city ( check the links below ).

This episode from 2019, talks about the relocation of Lisa and Frank, a lovely couple from Texas that sold everything in the USA to live la "dolce vita" 🙂

House Hunters international in Verona Episode 2 Lisa and Frank

This other one is my first experience on TV back in 2016, where i helped Richard and Ron to find their second home in Verona.

I also run my own blog (this) where I give away my knowledge to people like you that need help here in my country.

How to buy a property in Italy

Do you know that in Italy we have more than 3000 municipalities?

Each of them have it's own rules and way to regulate the real estate market. That's why is important to have a guide who knows how to move between officies and Italian burocracy.

Next thing you have to know is the taxation here in Italy when you buy a property. We have a fix amount to pay when you buy it, and some others local tax.

You will find more details in other blogpost in this website.

If you want to Buy a property here in Italy, feel free to contact me, I have a network of realtors that can provide solution all over the country!

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