Buying and selling real estate is a delicate process, which requires you to reconcile the opposite needs of two or more counter parties, taking into account the presence of a great emotional load. For it to be successful, it is essential to listen to the needs of the customer (be it seller or buyer) and ensure that both party’s needs are met.

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Devi vendere casa a Verona e non sai da dove iniziare?


What are the steps in a real estate sale?


Analysis of the seller's needs and identification of the target of the potential buyer. Evaluation of the property.

Understanding your needs will help me understand who will be the ideal buyer for you.


Verification of documents and compliance for sale.

To sell your home safely and avoid unexpected events, it is essential to make sure that everything is in order.


Marketing campaign planning.

Your ideal buyer has very specific needs. My job is to identify them and communicate how your property can satisfy them.


Management of requests and visits. Identification of the highest bidder.

Through a careful selection process, I will submit the best buyer for you and for your home.


Conclusion of the agreement, management of payments and protection of the agreement itself.

Through an "armored" contract we will avoid last-minute pitfalls. I will be at your disposal to show you the steps that separate you from the deed and to clarify all your doubts.


Coordination of notary, bank and technicians for the deed. After-sales assistance.

I will coordinate the various professionals involved in the sale (notary, bank, experts). In addition, if you need it, I will be able to put you in touch with artisans, interior designers, architects and construction companies. Ask and you shall receive!

A trusted intermediary, who has also established a relationship with the counter-party, is able to give you the guarantees you need when you have to sell or buy a house. In addition, it will allow you to have a greater margin of dialogue and flexibility in case of unexpected events.
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Devi vendere casa a Verona e non sai da dove iniziare?


My assistance in the purchase and sale phase of properties consists of:

Evaluation of the property taking into account the context and the local market. Document analysis and recovery for town planning and legal compliance.

Identification of the potential target of buyers. Financial pre-qualification and selection through targeted appointments.

Real estate enhancement through professional photo shoot, home staging, creation of dedicated customized brochures, virtual tours, emotional videos, customized floor plans and open houses.

Negotiation management with NAR (National Association of Realtors) operating model thanks to the achievement of the RENE (Real Estate Negotiation Expert) certification.

Drafting and registration in the Revenue Agency of the preliminary in the form of a private agreement. Management of documentary practices for the deed and post-deed assistance.

Devi vendere casa a Verona? Contattami!

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