Real Estate Mediation

In a sale, the real estate agent's role is to be the “middle man" of the parties, without favoring the specific interests of one or the other. This is the concept of real estate brokerage, that is, bringing together supply and demand by reaching the best possible agreement.

Hai bisogno di supporto per una mediazione immobiliare?


What are the steps in a real estate sale?

Contrary to popular belief, reaching an agreement on the price in a sale is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, between this and the final sales contract there are:


The terms of payment and delivery.


The methods of payment and any checks on the legitimacy of the transfer.


The manner in which the goods will be delivered


The notary who will take care of the deed.


The bank that will finance the project.

Mediation aims to make the journey between these obstacles risk-free, anticipating the unexpected and preparing a response for any type of eventuality. So that you can have everything under control, without stress.

Hai bisogno di supporto per una mediazione immobiliare?


Devi vendere casa a Verona e non sai da dove iniziare?


Real estate brokerage: why rely on a professional?

Experience and training are the only essential requirements to be able to better manage a negotiation. For this reason, contacting a real estate consultant becomes fundamental: only by dealing with many sales can you accumulate the experiences to be an indisposable asset in the following ones.

Thanks to the wealth of experience gained in over ten years of experience, you can count on my skills in various areas:








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