Buying or selling a home can seem like a complicated process.
You can accept everything that is proposed to you.

Or, be the protagonist of your choices.
If you want, I'm here to support you in every step.

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    About me

    My name is Alessandro, I am a real estate consultant and I live in Verona with my family.
    I am passionate about learning and communication and since 2017 I have been writing informative articles about the sale of houses on my blog. Promoting knowledge of the real estate market for me means allowing each person to be the protagonist (aware) of his choices.

    I started my career as a real estate agent for a large franchise group. After ten years as a collaborator, the desire was born in me to change my approach and decide for myself how to work, with whom and above all why.
    I want people to change their minds about real estate agents. We are not as we are often depicted, but rather trained professionals who put their expertise at the service of customers.

    I explain and simplify the notions, I work with method and precision and involve the customer in every step to make him the protagonist of his choices.



    What are the differences between cashier's check and bank check?

    In this article we will see together what are the differences between a bank check and a cashier's check. When you make a proposal for the purchase of the house, a sum is usually requested as a deposit to guarantee the offer made and the buyer (often) has never even filled out a check in […]

    Differences Between Price Deposit And Confirmatory Deposit In The Sale

    When you buy a property, you usually have to pay an advance to confirm the willingness to buy, in order to "block" the seller and make sure that the house is not sold to others. In this article, I will summarize the main differences between a sum paid as a down payment or a confirmation […]

    How to buy a house without risk

    Buying a property is an investment that requires several tens of thousands of euros, often hundreds of thousands at times. Making such a purchase without the proper precautions can be a bad idea. in this article I want to give you the tools you need to know, and avoid, the risks associated with this complex […]
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    What are the necessary documents needed to sell a house?

    Ok I understand that you don't want to rely on a real estate agent to sell your house … You are enterprising and you want to do it alone, I understand, I am like that too! But let me stop you from getting into trouble with your own hands !! When you hear that checking […]
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    First home concessions and taxation on real estate transfers

    In this article you will find all the information regarding how much taxes you will have to pay in the case of buying a house, or in case of sale. Here are the questions I have to answer most often in my job: What do the first home benefits consist of? How much tax do […]
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    The commission of the real estate agency. Why, How Much and When.

    Dear reader, Unlike many countries of the world, you live in a country that has a very strict regulation regarding the brokerage of real estate. The reference standards refer to the civil code (1942) and the latest regulatory intervention on the matter (law 39 of 2/3/89). What do these 2 regulatory sources say regarding the […]

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      Ho letto la tutela della privacy e acconsento al trattamento dei dati personali ai sensi del Regolamento UE n. 679/2016.

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