Spiegare e semplificare le nozioni, lavorare con metodo e precisione e coinvolgere il cliente in ogni passo per renderlo il protagonista delle sue scelte.
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What are the necessary documents needed to sell a house?

Ok I understand that you don't want to rely on a real estate agent to sell your house … You are enterprising and you want to do it alone, I understand, I am like that too! But let me stop you from getting into trouble with your own hands !! When you hear that checking […]
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First home concessions and taxation on real estate transfers

In this article you will find all the information regarding how much taxes you will have to pay in the case of buying a house, or in case of sale. Here are the questions I have to answer most often in my job: What do the first home benefits consist of? How much tax do […]
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The commission of the real estate agency. Why, How Much and When.

Dear reader, Unlike many countries of the world, you live in a country that has a very strict regulation regarding the brokerage of real estate. The reference standards refer to the civil code (1942) and the latest regulatory intervention on the matter (law 39 of 2/3/89). What do these 2 regulatory sources say regarding the […]
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The difference between a confirmatory and a penitential deposit

When you sign up for or receive a purchase offer, it is good to know what you are agreeing to sign. Especially when there are tens of thousands of Euros involved and when the sale of a property is at stake. If you want to avoid unnecessary legal disputes, read this short article and learn […]
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Preliminary transcribed or recorded? Differences

What is the difference between transcribed or recorded preliminary? In this article we will see the differences between the transcription and the registration of a preliminary sale, how it is done but above all why it is done. We start from an assumption. In a real estate sale negotiation, the weaker party in the contract […]
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The price deposit from the notary

The so-called "Competition Bill" came into force on 29 August 2017. This law created a general turmoil in the real estate sector, as it put into effect a 2013 rule by many called "price deposit" by the notary. Don't want to read the whole article? Get the video summary! 😉 What is the deposit of […]

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