What are the necessary documents needed to sell a house?

Ok I understand that you don't want to rely on a real estate agent to sell your house …

You are enterprising and you want to do it alone, I understand, I am like that too!

But let me stop you from getting into trouble with your own hands !!

When you hear that checking the documentation necessary for the sale of the house is something that is usually done once the buyer has been found … THEY ARE WRONG !!

Sometimes, to conclude an advantageous negotiation it is necessary to measure and control all the times very precisely and, the lack of verification of the documentation, can cause problems not just !!

Just think of the biblical times that are needed to dialogue with the public administration to regularize a small urban aspect…. A DISASTER!!

Help me help you, I know you think you can save money by doing it yourself, but having someone who has a better eye than yours check your documentation can save you a lot of trouble !!

If you are thinking of selling a house or do not know what to bring to the notary for the deed when you have already found a buyer for your property, in this article you will find a list of all the documents necessary to face this process without risks and problems. Providing complete house documentation to your buyer or notary will allow you to have a fast and smooth sales process.

List of documents required to sell a house:

Urban planning

First of all it is important to demonstrate that your home is urban planning and cadastral compliant and salable. To do this you will need to obtain the recent cadastral plan (you can obtain it by asking the cadastre) and verifying that what is reported is actually what is presented in the actual state of the premises. If everything corresponds, we are already at a good point, but I must inform you that the Italian cadastre (with the exception of the land registry for the provinces of Trieste, Gorizia, Trento, Bolzano) IS NOT PROBATORY or does not certify, for urban planning purposes, the regularity of the property. To have proof that everything is compliant, you need to be in possession of the latest approved project for your home, with the graphics card that demonstrates the status authorized for construction with respect to what is actually built.

In summary, the planning documents necessary to sell the house are:

  • Plan and cadastral survey
  • Usability
  • Building permits or building permits
  • Last approved project with graphic designs
  • Any amnesties


When you sell a house, the notary checks the conformity of the titles of origin that determined the ownership of your property. This verification is a search back to - and beyond - 20 years from the date on which a practice for the sale is started. The notary verifies the legitimacy of the titles and transcripts, as well as the correct heading of the asset in the revenue agency. This procedure reconstructs the "history" of your home and helps ensure that everything is compliant and that your home can be relocated. To start, it is good to have a copy of the deed of purchase of your property on hand, preferably if you also have the previous ones!

In summary, the legal documents needed to sell a house are:

  • Deed of sale
  • Mortgage certificate
  • Transcription note of the deed of sale
  • Copy of the succession (if the house was obtained from the death of a relative)
  • Testament or bequest in case of inheritance

Documents relating to the house

Deed of sale
Mortgage certificate
Transcription note of the deed of sale
Copy of the succession (if the house was obtained from the death of a relative)
Testament or bequest in case of inheritance
Documents relating to the house
Your buyer may also ask you for documents relating to the characteristics of the property, namely:

  • APE (Energy Performance Certificate) this is mandatory, otherwise the deed cannot be made
  • Plant compliance certificates (electrical and hydraulic, not mandatory)
  • System booklet (boiler or other technological systems, not mandatory)
  • Various instructions for particular household appliances (not mandatory)
  • Budget of condominium expenses (not mandatory, but the buyer will want to know how much the expenses are)
  • Last minutes of the condominium assembly (not mandatory)

Where to find the documents to sell a house

To retrieve all the papers you need to bring to the notary to sell the house, you have to interface with various professionals and multiple offices. For all the urban planning you have to talk to a surveyor or an architect. In fact, these will be able to obtain the cadastral survey and the land registry plan and make a request for you in common with the private building building to obtain all the housing titles (project, amnesties, building permits and usability) also verifying compliance with the state of affairs. .

As for the legal part, usually the notary appointed by the buyer is able to procure all the necessary documentation. Always better to have everything ready first to avoid nasty surprises at the last minute!

For the documentation relating to the house you will have to work in person: for the energy performance certificate you must consult a qualified heating engineer (your surveyor or architect surely knows one) for the papers relating to the condominium you will have to consult the administrator, while the rest it is "private" documentation that you should already have as a seller.

If you do not know how to get the documentation of your home and you need real estate advice, do not hesitate to contact me!

We will arrange for tailor-made advice, tailored to your needs!

You will see that I can give you a hand for sure !!

You still have time to fix it…. if you want me to help you sell your house, LET'S HEAR!

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