Real Estate Appraisal

The real estate appraisal consists in the economic evaluation of a property, written in black and white by a qualified professional on the basis of concrete and incontrovertible data.

Alessandro Pasqual Perizia Immobiliare

Hai bisogno di una perizia immobiliare a Verona?


How to identify the real value of the property?

Often, when you try to identify the economic value of a property, you are influenced by how much you have invested to buy or renovate it. In reality, the situation is more complex and requires you to consider multiple factors, such as:


Location, local market and target of potential buyers.


Dimensions, floor and exposure, energy efficiency, accessibility and condominium context.


Finishes and customizations.

A professional who knows how to access the data and interpret it impartially on the basis of his own experience and skills will allow you to identify the real value of your home and to buy or sell on the basis of valid and objective data.
Conformità Urbanistica - Alessandro Pasqual

Hai bisogno di una perizia immobiliare a Verona?


My services in the event of a real estate appraisal are:


Recovery of the cadastral plan to calculate the size of the property.


Inspection to verify the characteristics of the property.


Verification of the presence of an active local market and identification of the value of similar properties for sale or sold in the previous months.


Drafting of a document containing statistical information on the reference area.


Identification of “competing” properties and area market values for your type of property, indicated in minimum, maximum and average € / m2.


Indication of a range of potential realization and the target of buyers.


If necessary, drafting by qualified professionals of a sworn appraisal, specific technical document certifying the state of the property, essential for judges and lawyers in the event of legal disputes.

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