Working with method and precision and involving the customer in every step to make him the protagonist of his choices.

About Me

My name is Alessandro, I am a real estate consultant and I live in Verona with my family.
I am passionate about learning and communication and for some years I have been writing informative articles about the buying and selling of houses on my blog. Promoting knowledge of the real estate market for me means allowing each person to be the protagonist (aware) of his choices.

I started my career as a real estate agent for a large franchise group. After ten years as a collaborator, the desire was born in me to change my approach and decide for myself how to work, with whom and above all why.
I want people to change their minds about real estate agents. We are not as we are often depicted, but rather trained professionals who put their expertise at the service of customers.

Alessandro Pasqual bianco e nero

Working differently

We are two.

Documents, practices and amnesties are the nightmare of every buyer, who is afraid of running into nasty surprises at every turn of his path to his dream home. "Transparency" is one of my watchwords so that the property purchase / sale process goes smoothly. It must concern not only the property and its characteristics, but also the relationship between us. This is why I want to share what I do with you as much as possible, together with the risks and opportunities that await us.

Take your time.

The time factor, in the phase of buying / selling a house, tends to take precedence over all the others. But, you know, haste is a bad adviser, and speed is not always a friend in these cases. Taking time for the necessary assessments and doing things right will help us make the journey as smooth as possible. This will not increase your commitment: I will take care of optimizing the time, so that you can continue to dedicate yourself to the things you love.

Be the protagonist.

Many times, the real estate market feels like an intricate maze that is best not to delve into. Of course, you can choose to stay out of it and accept everything that will be proposed to you.
Or, you can experience this moment as a protagonist and learn to move with awareness in the maze. If you want, I'm here to share everything I know with you.

Enjoy it.

Moving home is an important step, sometimes changing your life. Often, however, anxieties and worries prevail and obscure the beauty of this delicate moment. So that you can reach your goals in peace, I will accompany you from start to finish, from the first assessments to the move. In short, you keep the best and enjoy it. I'll take care of the rest.

My collaborators

Over the years I have surrounded myself with various professionals (notary, architect, lawyer, electrician, plumber, painter) whom I trust and whom I turn to according to the needs of the client, to give an effective response to the most diverse needs. Their great competence and reliability allow to reach the desired results in the simplest and fastest way possible.

Partner of Grandi Agenti

"Grandi Agenti" is a business network born from the belief that collaboration works more than competition. With me, Andrea D’angelo and Francesco Gentili are part of it, two colleagues who have been working in the Verona area for years and with whom we have decided to share skills, knowledge, tools and resources to offer more answers to those who rely on us. Our operating model is clear and based on the values that have brought us closer and that unite us: prevention, innovation, sincerity and sharing.
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Alessandro Pasqua - Grandi Agenti

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