Urban Planning Compliance

Having "town planning compliance" means ascertaining the building permits (building permit / permit to build, DIA, SCIA, CILA viability, any amnesties or amnesties) issued and authorized by the municipality to document the fact that the house has that specific shape and internal subdivision of the premises.

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Hai bisogno di una conformità e non sai da dove iniziare?


What happens in the event of urban planning discrepancies?

Following the sentence of the Court of Cassation no. 8230 of 29/01/2019 (dep. 22/03/2019) new penalties have been introduced that allow the cancellation of the deeds of sale stipulated in the absence of valid and compliant building permits. This orientation, combined with the regularization push given by the "Ecobonus 110%", has led all the parties involved in a sale (notary, bank expert, technicians of the buyer and buyer himself) to pay greater attention to the urban aspects of the property to be sold.


If your home is not compliant, the appraiser will block the mortgage file until there is documentary proof that everything is valid.


The notary will not carry out the transfer of the property.


If you have made a preliminary sale and received a deposit, the buyer can ask you for damages and renounce the sale.


You will have to incur costs for the regularization that you did not budget before accepting the agreed price for the house.

Being in possession of the precise and necessary documentation for the sale before finding the potential buyer will allow you to anticipate any unforeseen events and avoid wasting time and money!
Conformità Urbanistica - Alessandro Pasqual

Hai bisogno di una conformità e non sai da dove iniziare?


My services in the event of a real estate appraisal are:

Making a request for access to the documents is a process that you can do on your own, but it requires time and skills. Knowing what the building titles are and accurately identifying the entire construction "history" of your home is not easy. By relying on a professional with the appropriate skills, who know how to interpret the documentation found (not always clear and precise), you can save in terms of time and worries, avoiding unexpected events.

In practice, this is what I can do for you:


Request for access to documents by specialized technicians to obtain the documentation present in the archives. Verification of documentation and recovery of missing material. Chronological reconstruction of the interventions performed.


Inspection at the property to verify that the drawings filed jointly correspond with the state of affairs.


Cost / benefit assessment of possible adaptation or amnesty works.


Administrative assistance in the regularization and amnesty of any discrepancies to make the house salable.


Demonstration of compliance in the notarial deed.

Do you need to check if your property is compliant from an urban planning point of view? Contact me!

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